Native Americans

Our trickster stories

The forest's menace

by Yannick


Once upon a time, there lived lots of animals in a forest. Always, when the winter came, they built nests to survive in the cold.


But someday, human beings took over the whole area around the forest. They created a village right next to it. None of the human beings liked the animals a lot. That’s why they didn’t care if one of them died because of their acting.

The worst thing for the forest’s inhabitants was that the human beings collected wood from their forest all the time. But they didn’t only take those which were already dead! They chipped grand, healthy, living trees more and more often so that it seemed as though they would want to destroy the whole forest within one or two months.

First, it wasn’t such a huge problem to the animals, though when the winter came, the big old trees couldn’t protect them anymore and most of them weren’t able to find enough wood for their nests as well. It seemed that extremely many animals would have to die if there wasn’t found any solution.


So a rabbit, which was really clever, decided to help its friends, that weren’t able to do anything about their problem. It left the forest to enter the human village. When the rabbit arrived, it explored all of the alleys and ways through the village. In the evening it started to think of a plan that would help all of his friends in the forest. But it took 3 days and 3 nights till it had finished it completely. Further animals died, while it was improving the plan, and other ones finally thought there was no sense to still believe in the rabbit’s plan.

But finally, most of them agreed to help, when the rabbit presented it. After it had explained everything to them, they waited for the darkness to get into the human village. The rabbit told everyone what he would have to do and where he’d have to stand. Then he asked the bigger animals to lure the human beings out of their houses by yelling. And, against the thinking of the others, it worked very well.

All of the human beings left their houses so the animals noticed it was their turn to do what was planned. In each alley a crowd of them had waited. Suddenly, the bigger animals yelled so loudly, as the smaller ones bit into the human being’s legs, so that at last they were able to scream them away together. And from that day on, they never set one foot on that area again. Of course, each tree, which had been chipped by the human beings, grew back so the animals had their protection once more.


Until today the forest’s inhabitants are thankful for their rescue by the rabbit.

The helping wolf

 by Titus


In a time when the humans were hungry because they didn’t want to hunt so much of fear to kill all animals, there was a wolf.

He walked in the woods and searched for other animals. The wolf saw a family, which was very hungry. The three children were crying and sad.

The wolf thought that they needed food. If they didn’t find another alternative to the hunted meat, they would die

He thought that he might know somebody who could help.

So he started a long way to his friend, the eagle, who lived in the snowy Rocky Mountains.

When he arrived there two days later, the eagle told him that he knew something which could be of help: the Plant Beings.

They collected seeds and had fields where they planted them. Later they let the grown plants rot and built new mountains with them.


So they walked to the small valley where the Plant Beings lived.

They asked them for help with the humans, but the Plant Beings didn’t want to.

In the dark and foggy night the wolf and the eagle stole all the seeds from the fields and went back to the humans. But the Plant Beings saw and followed them.

The wolf and the eagle could escape from the small valley over the high mountains so the Plants Beings couldn’t follow them anymore.


Two days later the wolf came back to the humans and gave them the seeds. Since then the humans have had farms and have had something to eat.