New York

Below, you'll find a lot of information about New York and its most famous places!

The Empire State Building

written by Yannick, Leon, Daniel D., Georg , put online by Georg


General information:


The Empire State Building is a skyscraper, which stands in Manhattan, New York and was opened on May 1st, 1931 (85 years ago).

It is 1,454 feet (443,2 m) high (this includes the aerial) and has got 103 floors.

In the tallest building in the world from 1931 till 1972 (over 40 years) work 15.000 people and 10.000-20.000 people enter the building every day. The visitors can reach the Observatory with high speed elevators. It was again the highest building in New York in 2001 (after the World Trade Center had been attacked). But in May 2013 the finished One World Trade Center broke this record definitely. This is still the tallest building in the USA. You can often see the ESB in movies.




The architects Shreve, Lamb and Harmon had plans to build the ESB. With 3400 construction builders they started to build the foundation in January 1930. They built very quickly so they already finished 20 months later - earlier than expected.


Observatory (86th floor):


The Observatory of the ESB in the 86th floor is very famous, especially for tourists. On top of the ESB you will have the best view of New York that is possible. But you'll have to wait for a very long time if you would like to get on top of the world!

The Observation Deck includes an open-air platform around the whole building. That's why you can have a 360 degrees view on New York! When there's bad weather though, you can also stay inside.

The following sights of New York are visible from the Observation Deck very well: Central Park, the Hudson River and East River, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and, of course, plenty of other famous places in New York!


There is only one thing missing to make your visit in the ESB completely perfect:

The Top Deck in the 102nd floor!!! On clear days the visibility can go up to 80 miles (~130 km).

If you'd like to, you can book a ride with the Otis elevator additionally. It is operated mannually and while the elevator is moving up, you can see it at the wall next to you.

During the ride it's possible to ask some qestions to the operator.


What is it used for?:


The ESB has always been used for offices, up to the 86th floor. There are 73 elevators with an overall length of11 kilometers. The building has two visitor platforms.


Visitor's center:


On the second floor is the visitor's center.There visitors learn about the building's groundbreaking or energy-saving modernization.


After the opening:


In the first years the building was almost empty and it was called "Empty State Building".

Since 2002 the ESB has had LED lights which are turned on on St. Patricks Day or Valentine`s Day. The ESB is the most visited attraction in New York.



Times Square

Written by Shanell, Rilana, Daliah, Farideh and Zarah <3 and put online by Zarah
The Times Square
The Times Square is a commercial square in central Manhattan which is famous for the animated, digital advertisements.
The Square is located between 40th and 53rd street and 6th and 9th avenue.
Times Square is one of the world´s most visited places.
It's also called "The Crossroads of the World" or "The Center of the Universe" and "Heart of the World".
There are about 50 million visitors every year and basically about 330.000 people visit the Times Square daily.
It's very crowded during the day while at night the lights shine in all colours.
The famous square is named after the newspaper "New York Times".
On Times Square you can buy things in different shops but you need a lot of money because it's very expensive.
First, it was called Longacre Square but in 1937 it was changed to its current name.
People often celebrate New Year's Eve at the Times Square.
It has become a worldwide icon and symbol of New York City.
At Times Square you can also find the Broadway.
There are some attractions, for example many theatres like the ''The New Victory Theater'' and big bus tours.
You can also go to the Hard Rock Cafe ,to Mac or to Toys R Us, there's something for everyone of every age.
Movies and TV shows have been produced there, like "I´m Legend" in which Will Smith and his dog go hunting for deer in the deserted square or the TV show "Good Morning America".
Times Square is the center of the NY theater "districts".

Central Park

written by Titus,Alex,Florian,Aljoscha  put online by Aljoscha


The Central Park is an urban park in middle-upper Manhattan, wich is in New York City. The park is the most visited urban park ever.

It was established in 1857. It opened in 1859 after it had been built within 3 years. The central park has a size of 3.41 km² and 350 hektar.

It`s a national historic landmark.

25 million people are visiting the park every year.

All the pavements in the park have a total lenght of 94km.

You can do a lot of activities in the park. For example: cycling,ice-skating,running,fishing and many  more. But it`s also a really good place to hang out and calm down. Next to the Central Park is the most expensive hotel of New York.

There is a zoo in the Central Park, which is called "Central Park Zoo". Belvedere Castle is a sight, which is located in the Central Park, the castle was designed in 1865. In the park, taxis are not allowed but you can take a carriage.

There are lots of monuments as well as a big lake in the middle of the park.

And there are many more things and some secrets to discover if you go there