Learn about our school

by Marc

In our school I like the food because we can buy hotdogs, pizza, sandwiches and coffee etc. Also there is the caretaker who sells food, drinks and sweets.

Sometimes we can watch movies in the computer room about school topics and interesting things.

Also the technology is good: we have projectors and bamers in the school.

Some teachers are very cool and some teachers are boring but I think the same problem in all schools in the world.

We have a big offer of extra lessons.There is a good bus connection next to the school. Our school trips were exciting and very funny. The field days were like the irish weather (rainy) but then we drunk tea in the class room.

Usually we have to be in school at 7:50. Our lessons are normally 45 minutes long.

Sometimes we have free lessons. Every week there is one lesson to have lunch

in the cafeteria with the whole class and our class teacher.

The best spots of the Goethegymnasium

The library and the sitting area

In the library there are very good books and it´s very quiet, so you can research things for school, for example, if you have to prepare a presentation. But sometimes there is no place left for you, so you can´t do it in the library. No problem, in front of the library there are tables where you can work on your presentation. There you can do, for example, homework too.


School yard

We have a very big school yard. You can play games, climb on an exciting climbing frame or meet your friends and relax with them. I think the best place in the school yard is the big tree. It´s the biggest tree there. Around the tree there is a bench where many students can meet.


Computer room

One of our computer rooms is really cool. I love it, when we can use the computers. Sometimes the teachers allow us to play games on the computer. Then our whole class plays a game, called Agario. That´s funny. The PCs in the room are very new, so they are faster then the old PCs.


Cafeteria and "parent´s kitchen"

Now I present you our cafeteria and ´parent´s kitchen´. In the cafeteria you can order yummy food. There is something for everyone ! Our ´parent´s kitchen´ is something where you can buy delicous sandwiches, fruits and so on. These are sold from the nice parents of some students. If you don´t want to stay and eat, go to the tables. But you can´t always sit, because...


The chair thief-mystery

...in our school there is a chair thief. He stole many chairs. Every day the chairs are fewer than the day before. Nobody knows who stole the chairs.

What do you think ? Was it a student or was ist a mean teacher ? Or was it one of the “nice“ parents ? What does the chair thief need these chairs for? What is the reason for the thefts ?