We met at the airport at 10:00. There we waited one hour. Than we had our boarding. After that we waited one and a half hour. After we flew to Amsterdam (Netherland). 12:00 we left the airport. 14:00 we arrived in Amsterdam where we waited 3 hours. There we were in a big mall where we could shopping. We ate Pizza there. Than we flew to Portugal. In Portugal we arrived at 19:00. Later we went by bus to Beja(Portugal). We arrived in Beja at 21:30.


Monday I was driven to the school where I saw Daniel a boy of my German class. The first lesson was music and Daniel was in the same class like me. The teacher and the students had played the German national hymn. After the lesson we had a break and a guidance at the school. Later a band of the school played something. After some other lessons we had really much time before the international evening so the boy (,who is my host) showed me the city, Beja. Francisco (the host) and a other boy who stayed at Beja showed me the city and the city was bigger than I thought. I saw churches,the police department, old houses and a lots of other things. On the international evening we have eaten lots of things: turkish sweets, Haribo and lots of other things from other countries, Germany, Turkey, England, Portugal, Hungary, Finland and Slovakia...


First we went to the biggest artifcial lake of Europe its name is Alqueva and we were surprised how big the lake is. Then we went to a shop with handmade hardened clay products for example a plate. Then we went to a restaurant and ate typical Portuguese food, it was very nice. At the end of the day we went to an old castle with a theatre and a village in front it by night its looks very nice.

At the end of the day we went back home to our guest family.