Our trip to Hungary

Journey to Makó

by Yannick


On 17th April 2016, which was a Sunday, we had to get up very early because we wanted to start our trip to Hungary. A few days ago we had met our host kids the first time. We had written some e-mails to them so we could get to know them a bit before the real meeting. Nadja, Stefanie, Georg and I (Yannick) were very excited when we said good bye to our parents and got on the train to Hamburg. And also our teachers Mrs. Harmening and Mrs. Deutsch were very happy to visit Hungary.

When we arrived at the airport, we submitted our luggage. Afterwards we watched the planes for a bit which started and landed there. We saw planes from Dubai, Paris, Munich, Arabia and many other places. But then we had to go to the security before we could get on the plane. Our plane was flown by a very cool pilot from Germanwings:)

The flight took only one hour and a half, so that we arrived in Budapest around 1 o´´  clock. We were so surprised at the perfect weather in Hungary. It was so warm, but our T-shirts were still in our luggage. From Budapest we were brought to Makó by a mini bus. After we had driven for two hours we all arrived at the Szignum, the school in Makó.


There our host families already waited for us. My host father was Sándor Szél and my host mother Catherine. My host kid is also called Sándor and 12 years old. He had still two sisters. But the older one (Claudia) was at college. Only Rozi, who was only 3 years old, was at home and, of course, very sweet. With the host family I visited Sándor´s grandma, grandpa and also his great-grandmother. Later we ate ice cream where I met Georg with his host family.


In the evening the second host kid arrived in my family, who came from Slovakia by bus. He was 13 years old and his name is Samuel.

Then we all played football in the garden from Sándor. Later we had to go to bed because on the next day we would have to be at their school early.



by Nadja


On Monday, at the first day at their school, there was a big welcomecelebration for us. The Hungarian started with a national dance. Then all countries came on stage with the flag from their country and on the stage we heard the national anthem. After that all countries introduced themselves and then all students and teachers got presents from the Hungarian teachers. We got a bag with lots of prospectus and a pen of the school. Later we played a game. One teacher or student from each country sat in a circle and told something about himself.The Turkish people gave us lucky charm. At noon we went with our host kids around the school and they showed us the whole building. Afterwards we ate in an Hungarian restaurant, where we got goulash.

Visiting Makó

by Stefanie


On Monday our host kids showed us two attractions of Makó. We saw the Hágymatikum                                  

(a swimming pool that looks like an onion) and the Town hall/Onion house from outside. Also we was in a souvenir shop where I bought a stuffed animal for my sister. Later we wanted to visit a museum but it was closed so we couldn´t go in. After the visit of Makó we went back to the school, because we should prepare the German sweets for the international evening.

International evening
by Nadja

On Monday evening we made the international evening. First all countries showed their national dance. The Hungarian started. Then we everybody had to dance together each national dance. After the dancing we gave every country our „Candle of Europe“ which we had made with our class a few weeks ago. It is a candle with all flags from Europe. Each country got a candle, but Hungarian got the biggest one. After that the buffet was opened. There were interesting, delicious and sometimes strange foods and drinks. Every country had something special.
Only we and the turkish people  danced to german and turkish music later. It was funny. But it was a pity that at eight o ´ clock we had to go home.


Lessons in Hungary

by Yannick


On Tuesday we also had to go to the school. At first we visited the lesson there. Everybody could choose between a few subjects which were all told in English, so that we could understand them. Georg and I and also my teacher Mrs. Deutsch chose Science in one of the fifth classes. There we learned a lot about the water cycle and also could take part a bit, because we already had had it in our own lessons in Germany.

Afterwards Georg and I went to an English lesson of the seventh class, so the same like ours. But it was very very funny, because the only thing they did was to find out, how many syllables a word has. And all the time we heard: “How many syllables has the word...?“



by Nadja


On Wednesday we went to a climbing park in the morning. First we drove with a cable railway over the river Maros. Later we also could do that in twos. So we were togther at one rope. After that we went to the climbing park. There we did a parcour around 4 metres over the ground. For example we had to climb over tires to arrive at the next platform there. At the end and before we jogged back to the school where we would eat, we did still something which was very cool. There you hang at a rope like in a swing. After that you are pulled to the sky from another rope behind you so that you are on the same level like the top of your rope then. But anyway about 2 metres away from that. But now you can see very good because you are 15 metres over the ground. But that is not enough. Now you have to pull a red cord at your body so the second rope isn´t fixed at you any more and you fall down. But then it is like a swing but (it feels) 10 times bigger. We all cried when we fell but later it was one of the most exciting things we did in Hungary.

The big Gala and swimming in the Hágymatikum

by Georg


On Wednesday we visited the Gala in the Onion House in Makó. That building is the theatre of Makó. Every country presented a national song or a little stage against bullying. There were about 200 people who watched our Gala. We, Germany, showed a video from our musical AG and sang the great song from Mr. Stötzer and everybody in the hall joined in. After the one hour and a half we went to the big out- and inside swimming bath in Makó. There were many pools even a herbalpool. Above the black water there was a chessboard. We lent, chessmen and lost it in the water, but the lifesaver didn´t realise that. Later we went to the sportpool, which was outside. Nadja, Stefanie, Yannick and I (Georg) did an exiting competiton against the teacher Mrs. Deutsch. I narrowly won because I was one second faster.


Budapest - The capital of Hungary

by Yannick


On Thursday our whole group (except of the Hungarian students) drove to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. At already 6 o´clock we left Makó. Our German group was lucky, because we sat in the front of the bus on the first floor.

After the three-hour ride we arrived at the place of heroes, a famous place in Budapest, where were many statues and also a castle. There we took a few group photos with the students and teachers from the other countries. And we also bought a few postcards. After three quarters of an hour we were brought on a hill which is on the Buda-side of Budapest. There stands the Matthias-church and the palace of Budapest. The whole buildings there belong to the UNESCO! And the best thing is that you can look over the whole city and while we were in Budapest there weren´t any clouds. And it was almost 30 degrees hot, that´s why we all wore T-shirts. So we wanted to take lots of photos (of course also with other students from Turkey and Slovakia). From the hill we could see the Hungarian parliament on the Pest-side of Budapest which we would visit later, the river Danube, the Chain Bridge and the rest of the wonderful Budapest.

Then we walked to the palace where the changing of the guards began at 12 o´clock. It was very interesting and great. Sometimes it seems like a domino because when one guard did something, the others did the same, but always a bit later.

At noon we drove to one of the biggest shopping malls in Budapest. There we ate something at Burger King. When we looked around the mall, we saw very many shops which are from Germany like “Rossmann”, “DM”, “Media Markt”, “Aldi” and even “Nordsee”! Because of the hot but nice weather we ate ice cream, before we drove to the parliament.

The parliament of Hungary (Budapest part 2- in the afternoon)

by Georg


In the afternoon we arrived at the Hungarian parliament in Budapest.

In front of it we took lots of photos and turned wheels. After 20 minutes we went through the security check before we were allowed to look around the amazing building from inside. We saw the parliament hall and almost everywhere was gold. During the tour a special guide told us some interesting things about the parliament in English. At the end there was still a small museum. After half an hour we left the building and waited for our bus. During this time we did a competition against a tram, which was very slow. And Mrs Harmening, Stefanie, Nadja, Yannick and I won.

Then our bus arrived and it drove to the Gellérthill. We all enjoyed the fantastic view over the city there. And also there we could see the Hungarian version of the stature of liberty. After a little while we went to the bus again. But then the day in Budapest was over and we drove back to Makó.


Visiting Szeged

by Stefanie


We drove to Szeged on Friday at 8.30am. I think we arrived at the city after half an hour. The bus driver stopped at the big river Tisza and then we walked to some attractions like the Votiv-church . It was very big and inside, we could see windows with colorfull design of Jesus Christ and the Holy Maria. A couple of windows were at the ceiling too.There were some Jesus Christ statues which were so lifelike. In a dark corner I could see a woodden ladder which had two wheels on its sides. Maybe it was used for painting the ceiling and the walls.

After the church we had some free-time.My friend and I went to DM,a German drugstore.All the product titles and  the food descriptions were written in German.When I payed my apple juice for 299 hungarien forint(~1€),I didn´t get 1 forint back, although I´d paid with 300 hungarian forint. The Hungarian people haven´t got 1 forint so the shop assistant  couldn´t  give me the change money. After a while we met our teachers and the boys who wanted to go to a post office while we bought  juice. After a visit at a souvenir shop we decided to go to buy ice cream. Georg and Mrs Deutsch wanted to have soft ice cream, so we walked through the whole Szeged. The result: The ice cream parlour was closed and the next one was too far away so we didn´t have any time to go there. Our teachers bought strawberries which couldn´t replace the ice cream, but  they were very yummy. We ate the strawberries in the yard in front of the Votiv-church. At 12am a chime made music next to the Votiv-church.


After that we went to an "All you can eat"-restaurant on a picnic-area for having lunch. For the slovakia and the portuguese people it was the last activity they did with us because after the meal they drove home with the bus and we still visited the zoo. First we went to a sea lion show which was so boring. So my friend and I went on to watch other animals like tigers, lions, bears, monkeys and even a squirrel. The parrots just could say some words in Hungarian and the place where the animals lived were so little. After the visit to the zoo of Szeged, we were driven at home. Then there came the last evening with our host families and the last night in Hungary. So we all wanted to use the time to do some lat things with our host kids.


Journey back to Germany

by Georg


On Saturday we got up at 3.30 am and drove with a minibus to from Makó to Budapest. After 3 hours we arrived at the airport and went through the security check. There we saw many planes from different countries and tringered in the airport, because our plane was one hour and a half to late. A long time later we got on the plane and we all were sad that we flow to Germany. In the small Eurowings plane we ate a cheese sandwich with mustart. It was very yukky, even for Mrs. Deutsch. We landed in Hamburg and there we went by train, an ICE, to Hannover and then to Hildesheim. When we arrived there, our famillies were already waiting for us. What a nice trip.

It was an unforgettable week, we had  a lot of fun. Thanks for the great organization in Hungary and for this amazing week. Especially to Mónika who worked the whole days before and also during the meeting to make our trip as good as she can.

Yannick, Georg, Stefanie and Nadja