Finland : What a trip!

Introduction by Titus

In the last December two teachers, Zara, Farideh, Marius and I went to Finland. This trip was part of the Erasmus+ Program. We lived there in host families. Marius and I lived at the Karppanen (Minna, Marco, Milea and her three sisters). We stayed in a pink room. I want to write about Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

MONDAY-Sauna and ice-bucket challenge!

by Titus

On Monday Marius and I were driven to school by our host mouther.


The students of the Lempäälä Koulu (school) prepared a welcome party for us. We all listened to the show. Every country presented themselves. After that the head teacher showed us the school. Then we could take part in some lessons. After we had eaten in the canteen, we tested a few sports. Then Marius, William, two teachers and I baked gluten free biscuits. In the evening we had dinner at the community hall. We took part in a ice-bucked challenge, after we had been in the sauna (Marius and I done this two times).


WEDNESDAY-Ski adventure!!!

by titus

On Wednesday, after we had arrived at school, Marius and I took part in three lessons of Milea’s normal school day. The first lesson was a German lesson. It was funny because we knew more than the teacher. After that we had two nice art lessons. There we made a paper bird for the window.

Then we went with Zara und Farideh to a small room: a 'chill-lounge'.We went for lunch to another school.  We laughed because the canteen looked like a swimming pool (decoration).We all walked to the ice hall. There I tried to skate for the first time.All the ERASMUS+-students went by bus to the biggest mall of Scandinavia, the Ideapark. There we had a bit free time for visiting the shops. We bought souvenirs for our families. It was a pity, that we couldn’t go into the fun-centre because we had only 15 minutes left.


In the evening Marius and I went skiing with Milea, Marc, Minna.

It was our first time for skiing. It was a big fun, because Marius and I were a little bit clumsy. Then we had dinner with our host family.

FRIDAY-Visiting Helsinki!!!

by titus

Friday, our last day in Finland.Marius and I had already packed our suitcases, when Marius and I had our last breakfast with our host family.All other ERASMUS+-students were waiting in the teacher’s room, when we arrived. We were too late, so it wasn’t possible to join them there.But so we were the first in the bus, which arrived a few minutes later.Marius and my place in the bus was great for a visiting tour because next to us was a big window. We saw a lot of nice sights in Helsinki. For Example the ‘rockchurche’, the ‘dom of Helsinki’ and ‘Sibelius monument’.
At lunchtime we went to McDonalds. In Finland you can get gluten free burgers by McDonald. The teachers paid.We also were at the ‘hard rock café’. In the evening we flew back. At ten o’clock we all were on the way home.