After the summer holidays

by Daniel D.

After the big holidays we had to go to school again but I was really excited because we got new teachers and three new students: Daliah, Aljoscha and Jaques. Also it was exciting because it was the first day after the holidays. And (almost) every teacher was nice and friendly. After the holidays we had a new seating arrangement and a new timetable. After everybody had been in the classroom, the teacher came in and we talked about the holidays and where everybody was during the holidays...

Refugees in the class 7bFE+

Our school has got 11 refugees. 5 of them are as old as us in the class 7bFE+, that's why they came to us.

The only thing we knew were their names and if they are girls or boys. We have 2 boys, Samir and Maglan, and we have 3 girls who are called Ahlam, Marina and Jiman. All of them speak Kurdish. When we first met the girls and the boys we were very excited. It was very difficult to talk with them, because they don't understand us but with sign language it works. The first lessons were with Mrs.Schwindt . She talked in English with them but they didn't understand. Zara tried to explain Ahlam what the teacher had said and she understood it and told it to the others.

We had really fun with them. They can play keyboard and they can speak a little bit German. Our class likes to talk to the refugees and to explain what to do.