Together Against smoking

Be smart - Don't start

by Yannick


Yes, this was the title of that project against smoking which takes place in whole Germany.

We participated in it ourselves by just not being smoking. Every week we had to notice in a table that we hdn't smoked anytime.

If 90% say "No, I haven't smoked", which we actually achieved, you can win prices. But thi chance wasn't high enough for us, so we thought of other things we could submit for the creative competition.

Our idea was to create songs, but actually no new songs. We choosed a few ones verybody knew and then we were able to start:

Instead of the actual texts we placed our own ones. Those weren't jut new texts, they all included invitations to the listener about stopping smoking due to its terrible consequences.

Afterwards we submitted these texts to the jury for the project, hoping that we could win something like class trip.

And it came this way. At the end of this school, we got the anwer of the national jury. For our requests not to smoke in these song texts we received a certificate. But our class was also able to look forward to a trip to Göttingen (a city which is about 100 km in th south of Hildesheim), here we would to the big swimming pool!